From an international photographer comes a place where artistry joins Web3. Inside BottegaDurso you'll find NFTs of iconic international covers that give access to never-before-seen benefits.

From an international photographer comes a place where artistry joins Web3. Inside BottegaDurso you'll find NFTs of iconic international covers that give access to never-before-seen benefits.

First drop 13 January 2023 (only 150 pieces)

Alessandro d'Urso

Hi, I am Alessandro d’Urso, an Italian photographer living between Italy and Spain and founder of BottegaDurso. Before you go on, I’d like to tell you a few words about myself, just to make this NFT world a little less anonymous and impersonal.

I have collaborated with dozens of the world’s most famous magazines, shooting covers  in over 15 countries. 

I have worked with celebrities and international artists such as Brigitte Nielsen, Bjork,Patty Smith, Pat Metheny, David Sylvian, Blondie, Luciano Pavarotti, Vasco Rossi, Paolo Conte, Miles Davis, Pino Daniele and many others.                                                                                                        In 30 years of experience as a photographer I have seen and done everything, having the chance to travel the world and make reportages in Palestine, China, Japan, Thailand,Brazil, Nepal. I am always looking for something new and exciting, which is why in my spare time. I am involved in one of the most important European animation festivals and also I cook delicacies. 

Welcome to

Handmade NFT Collection

BottegaDurso is the place where Web3 and the analog world meet each other.

It is a collection of super limited NFT with high artistic value. 

And no, we don’t do it because we want to splurge, but because that’s the only way we can make each of our NFTs interesting and we can give our holders real benefits that make an impact in their lives.

Artisans are the keepers of art, and we want to restore them to their former glory by innovating and bringing them into the future.

VFX Garage is the first drop from BottegaDurso.

150 pieces based on 32 iconic artworks by Alessandro d’Urso,

wisely processed with the addition of VFX effects that gives

new shine to the photos.

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    All holders will be provided with a range of real, tangible benefits. No vague promises or useless gifts. By joining VFX Garage you will be entitled to benefits, simple as that.

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    Artistic value

    VFX Garage's artwork are not penguins drawn by a child, but are iconic photos by an international photographer. And beyond that, they are professionally retouched and animated photographs.

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    VFX Garage's artwork depicts some of the world's most famous stars. From Brigitte Nielsen to Luciano Pavarotti, via Miles Davis, Bjork, Patti Smith, Pat Metheny and David Sylvian. Each portrait captures a story and an important moment in world culture.

32 artworks 150 pieces
400$ price
13 January 2023 launch
Benefits worth $8.000


3 rarity leves, each level unlocks super benefits that our holders can access

STAR Level

20 artworks
6 copies each
120 NFTs

IDOL Level

9 artworks

3 copies each

27 NFTs

ICON Level

3 artworks

1 copy each

3 NFTs

Outstanding benefits and rewards

All our holders will be awarded with useful and attractive benefits. The benefits to which holders will have access will depend on the rarity of NFTs owned and the number of NFTs held. In this way we can guarantee everyone rewards while maintaining the thrill of theunknown, but we can also reward the most ardent supporters

STAR Benefits

- High-quality numbered and autographed print of the artwork

- Access to online group workshops on mobile photography held by Alessandro

- Access to exclusive Community where I will share tips and tricks about photography

IDOL Benefits

All benefits related to Star, plus: 

- Autographed copy of Alessandro's book ''30 Years of Photographs, Stories and Recipes'' in Spanish or Italian

- A unique, autographed polaroid taken by Alessandro that is priceless

ICON Benefits

All benefits related to Idol, plus: 

- A personalized NFT based on your photo

- Overnight stay for the 2023 edition of the Cortoons animation festival in  Gandia (Valencia,Spain), plus the opportunity to partecipate as a judge

3 NFTs holder

By owning at least 3 NFTs from VFX Garage you will be entitled to all benefits related to Icon, plus: 

- Review of your photography portfolio in a 1-to-1 call with Alessandro d'Urso

- One hour 1 to 1 workshop on portrait technique with Alessandro d'Urso

- Submission of the printed photographic history of your NFTs

Do you want to mint before others at a lower price?

7 NFTs holder

If you fall into this category, it means that you really enjoyed our mission, so thank you very much. 

By owning at least 7 NFTs from VFX Garage you will be eligible for a benefit worth $8000:

All benefits related to Icon, plus: 

- A photo shoot (single or family portrait) in Rome/Valencia in studio with Alessandro

Here are a few of the celebrities you'll find in VFX Garage

Next Drop

Floating blood islands by Alessandro d'Urso



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