From an international photographer comes a place where artistry joins Web3. Inside BottegaDurso you'll find NFTs of iconic international covers, photographed by Alessandro d'Urso during his career.

First drop 13 January 2023 (only 150 pieces)

Second phase 15 february 2023

Alessandro d'Urso

Hi, I am Alessandro d’Urso, an Italian photographer living between Italy and Spain and founder of BottegaDurso. Before you go on, I’d like to tell you a few words about myself, just to make this NFT world a little less anonymous and impersonal.

I have collaborated with dozens of the world’s most famous magazines, shooting covers  in over 15 countries. 

I have worked with celebrities and international artists such as Brigitte Nielsen, Bjork,Patty Smith, Pat Metheny, David Sylvian, Blondie, Luciano Pavarotti, Vasco Rossi, Paolo Conte, Miles Davis, Pino Daniele and many others.                                                                                                        In 30 years of experience as a photographer I have seen and done everything, having the chance to travel the world and make reportages in Palestine, China, Japan, Thailand,Brazil, Nepal. I am always looking for something new and exciting, which is why in my spare time. I am involved in one of the most important European animation festivals and also I cook delicacies. 

Welcome to

Handmade NFT Collection

BottegaDurso is the place where Web3 and the analog world meet each other.

It is a collection of super limited NFT with high artistic value. 

And no, we don’t do it because we want to splurge, but because that’s the only way we can make each of our NFTs interesting .

Artisans are the keepers of art, and we want to restore them to their former glory by innovating and bringing them into the future. VFX Garage’s artwork are not penguins drawn by a child, but are iconic photos by an international photographer. And beyond that, they are professionally retouched and animated photographs.

VFX Garage is the first drop from BottegaDurso.

150 pieces based on 32 iconic artworks by Alessandro d’Urso,

wisely processed with the addition of VFX effects that gives

new shine to the photos.

VFX Garage’s artwork depicts some of the world’s most famous stars. From Brigitte Nielsen to Luciano Pavarotti, via Miles Davis, Bjork, Patti Smith, Pat Metheny and David Sylvian, photographed by Alessandro d’Urso during his career.

Each portrait captures a story and an important moment in world culture.


Bjork #3
Bjork #2
Bjork #1
Patti Smith #3
Patti Smith #2
Patti Smith #1
Brigitte Nielsen #1
Brigitte Nielsen #2
Luciano Pavarotti #2
Luciano Pavarotti #1
Blondie #1
Blondie #2
Pat Metheny #2
Pat Metheny #1
Andy Summers
Agnes Soral
Daniel Ezralow
Dizzie Gillespie
Miles Davis
Loris Capirossi
Reinhold Messner
Ferzan Ozpetek
Paul Auster
Valeria Golino
Ornella Muti
Roberto Saviano
David Sylvian
Christian De Sica
Ken Follett
Max Biaggi
Ursula Andress
Vasco Rossi
Justine Mattera EXTRA
Brigitte Nielsen EXTRA

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